Security Analyst

Phoenix Office, Aliso Viejo, California, United States

BeyondTrust is a cyber security company dedicated to proactively eliminating data breaches from insider privilege abuse and external hacking attacks. Over 4,000 customers worldwide trust our risk intelligence platform of unified Privileged Account Management and Vulnerability Management solutions to shrink attack surfaces, identify threats, and maintain compliance.

What Will You Do?
BeyondTrust is seeking a Security Analyst to join the IT Team in our Phoenix Office.  In this role, you will:

  • Manage, optimize, and develop operations of security information and event management (SIEM) in a comprehensive approach
  • Identify, evaluate and manage incidents regarding complex threats to information security
  • Monitor threat intelligence, triage and investigation using indicators of compromise
  • Perform forensic investigation including malware analysis, including malware reverse engineering
  • Develop containment and mitigation strategies to control and remove threats
  • Perform daily technical operations with different security systems for detection and follow up of information security incidents
  • Provide technical leadership to the information vulnerability management process, including developing and managing the remediation program
  • Perform planned and ad-hoc infrastructure vulnerability scanning, determine remediation options and track remediation to completion.
  • Identify and draft mitigation guidance for vulnerabilities with no vendor provided remediation
  • Establish communications with vendors for the release of newly identified vulnerabilities to ensure they understand specialized and proprietary asset requirements
  • Analyze publicly disclosed vulnerabilities of vendor software/hardware products and develop the mitigation/remediation orders
  • Compile daily, weekly, monthly and annual vulnerability metrics associated with affected and non-compliant assets
  • Utilize tracking tools/capabilities in a vulnerability management system to review manually uploaded and automated information to report vulnerability mitigation and remediation progress
  • Identify, analyze, and develop mitigation or remediation actions for system and network vulnerabilities
  • Assist with the prioritization of newly identified software/hardware vulnerabilities based upon severity, potential operational impact, exploitation, and other factors to assess risk to corporate assets
  • Conduct open source research to identify and analyze known and unknown vulnerabilities
  • Analyze known issues with vendor provided fixes and contact the appropriate vendor for a defined and attainable solution
  • Maintain a proper balance between business and operational risk

What is Required?

  • 5+ years of experience in the field of information security
  • 2+ years of experience in the information security incident management
  • 2+ years of experience in vulnerability management
  • Experience in detection and response to IT security threats and incidents

Who are you? 

  • You are flexible! You define “good attitude.”
  • You enjoy working with a team and alone as the situation dictates.
  • You have a great sense of humor.
  • You are passionate, optimistic, and energetic.
  • You have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and improvement and the desire to grow in your role and in the company.
  • You are up to speed in the latest Cyber Security and Software trends… you work relentlessly to be innovative and stay relevant for the benefits of our customers, partners, employees, and the company.
  • You evoke inspiration in those around you and encourage them to create their best work.
  • You work for the best interest of the group at all times.
  • You have unwavering personal integrity and work ethic.
  • You are proactive.
  • You graciously give and receive feedback.
  • You are motivated, no excuses, and a tenacious self-starter.

Why Join the BeyondTrust Phoenix Team?

  • BeyondTrust was founded upon a strong hacker culture that believed freedom and creativity were the best approach to build truly industry-changing products. To this day, that same spirit drives the focus and innovation of our company.
  • Quarterly team events and development workshops
  • Unlimited free soda, snacks, coffee.
  • Casual dress and laid back environment.
  • Catered events and spontaneous Ping Pong and Long putt tourneys.
  • Adhoc Sports trivia with our CEO in the hallways.
  • This is not your typical corporate office with red Swingline staplers and burnt coffee in the break room coffee pot. Here, you’ll meet people who are passionate about our culture and their careers!

We are an equal-opportunity employer, offering a competitive salary with excellent benefits. We welcome all candidate applications who meet the minimum qualifications listed above.