What is the BeyondTrust Insider?

The BeyondTrust Insider Advocacy Program is an opportunity for BeyondTrust customers to share their passion and expertise with each other and the BeyondTrust team. Insiders get exclusive access into the inner workings of BeyondTrust, from sneak previews of our new features and products, to online discussions with our engineers, to unique tips and tricks from other BeyondTrust users. The BeyondTrust Insider also lets you earn rewards for sharing your BeyondTrust knowledge and love, from visiting us at an event, to participating in a blog post, or creating a funny meme.

A point system encourages Insiders to engage with BeyondTrust as much or as little as you prefer. More challenge completions means more points, and more points means more rewards. The Insiders are a valuable part of the BeyondTrust team and we hope you’ll join us!

To learn more about the key components of the Insider program, check out the categories and FAQs below. Join the Insider now and create your account by connecting with one of the social media options or the join code "joinnow" to manually create an account.


The BeyondTrust Insider engages advocates in multiple ways. Challenges, games, and seasonal “experiences” are three of the main ways to earn points and get involved. The three main challenge types are:

  1. Ask: These challenges ask Insiders to directly act on what they see or experience. This includes providing product feedback or usage details, reading a blog or submitting and interesting article, or participating in a short survey or poll.
  2. Educate: To provide value to the Insiders, these challenges involve providing industry content or pertinent information about a BeyondTrust product. These are used to keep Insiders abreast of Industry news and inform them of new product updates or releases.
  3. Fun: We know that our customers are more than just a body behind a computer. To keep things interesting, Insiders can participate in these challenges to show some creativity and put a smile on their faces. From writing goofy holiday poems, to taking quizzes and solving crosswords, these are what keep Insiders coming back for more.


This is what it all comes down to for Insiders. Points are only as good as the rewards that you can redeem. Luckily for the Insiders, rewards in the past have included North Face jackets, Ray Ban sunglasses, ENO hammocks, and custom BeyondTrust Nikes. Along with the big ticket items, BeyondTrust swag, BeyondTrust training sessions, and charity donations are all also redeemable prizes. Sign up to see what you could be working your way towards!


If the rewards don’t do it for you, our Insiders have the opportunity to earn badges as they advance in the Insider. By completing product feedback challenges, you can become a Product Pro. Or follow BeyondTrust on social media to be a Fabulous Follower, or write online reviews to become a Review Wizard. The more badges you earn, the higher your rank in the program and more potential to earn points.


The Insider also includes a private discussion board where advocates can ask each other questions and engage in discussions led by BeyondTrust team members. You may have questions about how your peers are using BeyondTrust or want to discuss new features and products. Either way, it’s an exclusive opportunity to engage with your peers and get more value out of your BeyondTrust deployment.


Q: How do I become a BeyondTrust Insider?

A: It's easy! If you're interested in becoming a BeyondTrust Insider go straight to the log-in page. Create your account by connecting with one of the provided social media options or use the join code "joinnow" to manually create an account.

Q: What happens after I join?

A: After you join, complete some of the starter challenges so we can get to know you better and you can learn how to use the Insider Hub. Fill out your profile so other Insiders know who you are, then make your way over to the Rewards and Community tabs to get a good idea of what you want to get out of the Hub. If you have any questions after, send a direct message to the Hub Administrators and they will be happy to help you!

Q: What is the BeyondTrust Insider Hub?

A: The Insider Hub is BeyondTrust's primary way of communicating new challenge opportunities to you. There, you'll find the number of reward points you've earned, the Insider leaderboard, your badges, and the community and rewards category.

Q: When can I start earning points for rewards?

A: Immediately! Once you become an Insider and log into the Hub, you can start earning points by completing challenges that interest you.

Q: How much time does the Insider Program require of me?

A: That's up to you! This is a flexible program where you decide how much you want to be involved and how much time you'll set aside. Login and complete challenges as frequently or infrequently as you like!