As the DHS approves SLCGP funding, we stand ready to discuss your objectives around how to use Privileged Access Management (PAM) to bolster your security posture.

The SLCGP will provide $1 billion in funding to SLT partners over four years to support their cyber risk reduction efforts. This program appropriated $185 million for FY22, $400 million for FY23, $300 million for FY24, and $100 million for FY25.

See this FAQ for more information.

Download our presentation to learn how BeyondTrust Privileged Access Management capabilities map to grant program elements.

This presentation includes:

  • Notice of Funding Objective and Overview
  • Aligning BeyondTrust Driven Outcomes to Grant Initiatives
  • BeyondTrust Overview
  • BeyondTrust in Public Sector
  • Introduction to the BeyondTrust Team
  • Partners in Success

Securely reveal privileged accounts and credentials in your environment in minutes—for free. No installation necessary.

  • Uncover privileged accounts and credentials
  • Identify account misconfigurations: overprivileged accounts, unused accounts, old passwords, and more
  • Get unlimited scans, detailed scan results, and a summary report of all findings

Illuminate Privileged Access Risk, Then Address It

Understanding your privileged access security challenges is a crucial step for organizations. Objectives including risk management, threat mitigation, zero trust security, and cyber insurance qualification depend on privileged account security.

We look forward to discussing your plans and objectives and how this grant can be used to improve your cybersecurity posture. Connect with our team of experts to get started.

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