BeyondTrust | Support à distance sécurisé pour votre infrastructure IT

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Les outils traditionnels tels que Remote Desktop Protocol, VNC, pcAnywhere ne sont plus suffisants pour supporter votre infrastructure IT. Ces solutions ne sont pas sécurisées, intégrées ou multi-plateformes. Bomgar est différent. 

Bomgar permet les accès à distance à tous vos serveurs, matériels, systèmes point de vente, SSH et Telnet.

Video Transcript

It’s not just customers and end-users you support. You have a host of unattended systems in your IT infrastructure to maintain.

And while it's important to support people, If you don’t have a secure IT infrastructure, you could lose business. Point-of-Sale data breach, anyone?

Here’s the problem: The remote access tools you have now aren't cutting it.

Not only are they not secure, not integrated, not centrally managed, and not multi-platform ... they're also not new ... as in really, really before there was an internet.

Bomgar is different.

Bomgar enables secure remote access to all your servers, managed desktops, point-of-sale systems, SSH and Telnet.

Bomgar works through firewalls, so you never need to compromise your network perimeter to connect. You can even connect to computers that don’t have internet access. Cool, right?

Bomgar lets you manage everything centrally. Group policies help you manage reps and vendors. Plus, you can define permissions based on the rep, the support portal, the system being accessed, or even the time of day. In short? Bomgar puts you in control.

And it does so securely. Your sensitive data never leaves your physical or virtual appliance.

Bomgar also creates logs, reports and even video recordings so you can see who connected to what system and what they did while connected.

Here's a story to show how it all works together:

Once upon a time, there was an IT administrator named Bob. 

One day, while at corporate, Bob was installing patches on hundreds of desktops located at a remote office.

Because he was using Bomgar, Bob could control multiple systems at once. He even wrote a script to automate much of the process for him.

One day, Bob decided to leave early. so he logged into Bomgar on his iPhone and continued working on his commute. Even though the remote desktops required multiple reboots, Bomgar stayed connected, so this was a piece of cake.

Once he was home, Bob switched from his phone to his tablet and finished the updates from the comfort of his couch. Bomgar goes great with chips!

Theeee end.