• Teamwork Retail provides a completely cloud-based and mobile (iOS) solution that delivers progressive retail software technology for POS, CRM, business intelligence, e-commerce, clienteling and stock-counts.
  • Bomgar’s mobile SDK enables Teamwork Retail to see and troubleshoot their iOS apps on customers’ devices.  

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Atlanta, GA – September 20, 2016 – Bomgar, a leader in secure access solutions, today announced that Teamwork Retail is using Bomgar Remote Support to assist customers using Teamwork Retail’s point-of-sale (POS) software on iOS devices. Teamwork Retail provides a completely cloud-based and mobile (iOS) solution that delivers progressive retail software technology for POS, CRM, business intelligence, e-commerce, clienteling, stock-counts, plus many more organic or integrated solutions. Using Bomgar’s software development kit (SDK), Teamwork Retail embedded Bomgar Remote Support into their application enabling to see and control the app screen when supporting customers.

Even though Teamwork Retail’s mobile software is known for its high reliability and consistency, there were nevertheless, once in a while issues. And these issues were particularly hard to discover until Teamwork’s implementation of Bomgar. “With Bomgar, we were able to see the circumstances which caused these rare issues to pop up and achieve an even higher degree of quality we have ever achieved before,” said Michael Mauerer, Teamwork CEO. “Not only that, Bomgar’s capability to act as an interface for observing trainees in training environments is second to none. We’re able to see precisely how they’re utilizing the application in their environment and recommend best practices for them in using the software. Bomgar has been essential to increase speed of training and providing support for our users.”

After many hours of research, the Teamwork Retail team found the only remote support solution that addressed all of their needs was Bomgar. “What mattered most was the ability to view within our application on an iOS device. As a software company that is constantly implementing new features, it’s very useful to have visibility into our application when a client has an issue,” said Joshua Roberts, infrastructure and technical support manager, Teamwork Retail. “The support team has made use of Bomgar’s session recording feature, which allows them to provide all needed details to the QA and development teams to quickly reproduce and resolve issues.”

“We also needed to continue supporting clients that are still operating on our legacy software, so multiplatform was a huge plus,” added Roberts. “We have some of our support representatives running Mac OS, but most running Windows. The ability to run the rep console on multiple operating systems has the potential for cost savings.” The support team had previously used GoToAssist, but found its Mac features to be limited. Bomgar gives Teamwork Retail all of the capabilities they need to continue supporting their legacy solutions.

With more than 100 clients throughout North America, China, Brazil, Mexico, France and the UK, Teamwork Retail fields an average of 150 support sessions per week. “The biggest benefit is the increased productivity of our support team. Having Bomgar embedded in our iOS application decreases the time spent with a client and increases the number of issues we can resolve or escalate to our development team. The more issues we can resolve in less time, the more stable our product can become, and the happier our clients will be,” Roberts said.

Looking ahead, Roberts sees a bright future for Teamwork Retail and is glad to have deployed Bomgar as their remote support solution. “As our client base and team grows, we need an application that will help us support our product as efficiently as possible. Bomgar fits that bill and is evolving just as we are. For a software (like ours) that is ahead of the curve in our industry, it’s only fitting that we team up with Bomgar who fits that same mold in their industry to help support our product.”

About Bomgar

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