• Bomgar Vault helps companies secure, manage, and administer shared credentials for privileged users and IT vendors.
  • When integrated with Bomgar Privileged Access Management, passwords are injected directly from Bomgar Vault to endpoints without being seen by system administrators.

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San Francisco, CARSA ConferenceFebruary 29, 2016 – Bomgar, a leader in secure access solutions, today announced the new Bomgar Vault, which helps companies secure, manage, and administer shared credentials for privileged users and IT vendors. Bomgar Vault improves security, compliance, and productivity by enabling security organizations to quickly find and gain control of privileged credentials, manage and rotate passwords, and directly inject credentials into servers and other network infrastructure via Bomgar’s Privileged Access Management solution.

“If a system administrator or vendor accesses an account on a regular basis, they may remember the password. But many times these accounts are shared and used infrequently, resulting in passwords written down on sticky notes or stored in unencrypted spreadsheets. These are exactly the kind of credentials cybercriminals target because they are the keys to your most critical systems,” said Sam Elliott, director of security product management, Bomgar. “Bomgar Vault makes it easy to uncover all of the privileged credentials within your environment and place them behind a secure wall where credentials are controlled and rotated. System administrators can access those credentials quickly and securely to log into privileged systems while reducing the business’s exposure to malicious attacks or nefarious parties.”

Bomgar Vault helps security professionals quickly scan their network to find privileged credentials, check if they’re active, and determine the age of each password. Security organizations can also import credentials in bulk to quickly build a list of accounts that need to be managed. Once privileged credentials are within the secure Bomgar Vault, all use of those credentials are managed, restricted, and logged. Credentials can be rotated automatically, based on defined rules or when the system detects plain text passwords have been exposed. Email alerts and approvals can be set up to keep responsible parties informed of critical credential use.

Integrating Bomgar Vault with Bomgar Privileged Access Management takes protection even further by enabling direct credential injection into servers and other network infrastructure without the system administrator or vendor ever seeing the credential. Integrating the solutions not only increases security, it also improves productivity by allowing administrators to access servers and systems quickly and seamlessly without having to find or check out credentials.

“Implementing Privileged Access and Account Management together allows organizations to immediately protect access to their critical systems while they’re identifying and securing their privileged accounts,” continued Elliott. “This not only speeds time to building a more secure environment, but ultimately makes it exponentially more difficult for attackers to reach privileged systems.”

Organizations can also integrate Bomgar Vault with multifactor authentication (MFA) to further improve security for critical accounts by ensuring that the authenticated user is the actual user who should be granted access to the systems.

Bomgar Vault will be available soon. Bomgar is showcasing all of its Secure Access solutions at booth N4432 during the RSA Conference from February 29 – March 4, 2016 in San Francisco. For more information, please visit: www.bomgar.com/vault.

About Bomgar

Bomgar connects people and technology securely, providing leading remote support and privileged access management solutions that strengthen security while increasing productivity. Bomgar solutions help support and security professionals improve business performance by enabling secure, controlled access to nearly any device or system, anywhere in the world. More than 10,000 organizations across 65 countries use Bomgar to deliver superior support services and manage access to valuable data and systems. Bomgar is privately held with offices in Atlanta, Jackson, Washington D.C., Frankfurt, London, Paris, and Singapore. Visit Bomgar at www.bomgar.com, or on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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