• Bomgar Remote Support enables Stribling’s support team to establish reliable connections to many types of devices, on or off the company’s network.
  • Stribling uses Bomgar InSight to provide hardware support to employees in real-time.

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Atlanta, GA – July 29, 2016 – Bomgar, a leader in secure access solutions, today announced that Stribling Equipment, LLC, is using Bomgar Remote Support to provide reliable support to a wide range of users across the company. Stribling Equipment is the leading provider of construction and forestry-related products and services in Mississippi, Arkansas and West Tennessee. A family-owned business, Stribling offers a full line of industry leading products, the services of highly trained professionals, outstanding parts availability and unmatched service capability.

Stribling's tech support team was having difficulty establishing connections with devices used by employees at its 24 stores, as well as its sales team and technicians in the field. As a result, they began looking for a more robust remote support solution.

"At the time, we were using Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection or VNC remote access software to connect to laptops in our stores or out in the field," said John David Bates, IT tech support for Stribling. "We were having a great amount of trouble establishing reliable connections with those devices, especially when a technician or salesperson was off of our network." After researching various remote support solutions, Stribling's IT department chose Bomgar Remote Support.

The Stribling support team is benefitting from one of Bomgar’s latest features, Bomgar InSight. During a support session, end-users who have an iOS or Android phone with a camera can stream live video to the IT support team using Bomgar InSight. Sharing remote, live camera footage while an issue is taking place allows the representative to see beyond the screen and better assist the user with their problem. While viewing the live video the representative can freeze the frame and make annotations to help walk the user through any necessary action. 

"We used InSight recently when we were trying to trace which ports a couple of cables were plugged into on a server at one of our stores," said Bates. "Trying to explain what you are looking for in a situation like that to a non-technical user is very difficult. Using InSight, the store employee just pointed a mobile phone camera at the back of the panel and we were able to find the cables and draw a circle around them to show the employee which ones needed to be swapped out. It's really amazing."

Bates and his support team enjoy how simple Bomgar makes it to establish a connection with remote devices. "To make it extremely easy to use, we have either a Bomgar Jump Client or the Bomgar Button installed on each of our machines to initiate a remote support session. Alternatively, when a session cannot be initiated directly from a user's machine, the user can go to our IT portal and download a temporary client that enables us to take control and help them out right away. The various connection options have reduced our average time to connect by more than 50 percent."

Looking forward, Bates anticipates using Bomgar's Screen Sharing and Session Recording capabilities to help with company training. "As John Deere and the other manufacturers we work with push out new software, we plan to use Bomgar to make presentations for our employees to watch to familiarize them with the changes. Bomgar will help us keep our sales and technical teams up-to-date and in sync."

For a full case study about Stribling Equipment’s use of Bomgar, please visit: www.bomgar.com/customers.

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