End of Life Announcement for Auditor Suite

Effective December 31, 2019, the BeyondTrust Auditor Suite (formerly PowerBroker Auditing and Security Suite) will no longer be available for sale through BeyondTrust, but can be purchased directly through Cygna Labs. Support through BeyondTrust will continue until December 31, 2020. Licensed products will continue to operate, and will be supported by BeyondTrust’s partner, Cygna Labs (https://pages.cygnalabs.com/be...)

Key Dates

Replacement Product(s)

BeyondTrust encourages Auditor customers to procure support and migration to Cygna Labs’ comparable products (see below); BeyondTrust is not itself offering a replacement product.


BeyondTrust is not offering renewal options itself, customers may procure Auditor maintenance and support services from our partner – Cygna Labs.


BeyondTrust is partnering with Cygna Labs – the original developer of the technology in the Auditor Suite and a leader in privilege auditing solutions – to provide customers a migration path. This partnership means that Auditor customers will be able to procure from Cygna:

Additional licenses and support for the BeyondTrust Auditor Suite for up to a three-year period from the date of this announcement.

Licenses and support for Cygna’s comparable products if and when customers choose to migrate to those products.


Standard BeyondTrust Support End of Life policy applies. Effective December 31, 2020, BeyondTrust will end support for all Auditor Suite products. Customers will be able to procure product support from Cygna Labs.

Download the Formal Announcement for More Information

For more information about products affected, support and migration, or other FAQs, please download the formal end of life announcement.

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