iC3 Edition of Endpoint Privilege Management

BeyondTrust Endpoint Privilege Management provides the same rich capabilities and policy format regardless of management platform. Your choice of iC3 deployment – on-prem or in the Cloud – gives you the ultimate in intelligent communication, coordination, and control. Manage the removal of admin rights, achieve least privilege and pro-actively manage endpoint security.

Technical benefits of Endpoint Privilege Management for iC3

Flexible: On prem or cloud deployment options

Leverage iC3 either on-premise or in the cloud. Whether you are delivering Windows privilege management rollouts through a traditional on-premise approach or adopting Microsoft’s cloud-based Windows modern management approach, BeyondTrust is flexible enough to support your privilege management needs.

Scalable: seamlessly grows as business grows

Manage hundreds of thousands of computers and servers with ease. As your organization grows, iC3 grows with you: easily add additional servers and computers and leverage a powerful REST-based API to easily automate manual tasks and configure business rules.

Always connected: protecting remote users is easier than ever

iC3 is always connected to the BeyondTrust client to receive event data and distribute policy updates. So even if your users are connecting from outside the corporate network, their activity can be audited and their machines can receive policy updates regardless of location.

Modern interface: searching and filtering yields quick results

Searching and filtering in iC3 returns instant results, making it easy to manage large amounts of data. Search across users, computers, groups, and policies to find information quickly and filter displayed data to drill into what’s most important to you.