Quick Start DevOps Secrets Safe

Before proceeding with this section, please ensure a new instance of DevOps Secrets Safe (DSS) is running and that the DSS Command Line Interface (CLI) is configured to communicate with it.

  1. Enter the following command to initialize DevOps Secrets Safe:
    ssrun init

    Set the desired password for the root user account in the DSS instance when prompted. The password must be at least 10 characters long. A successful call to initialize returns the master key for this DSS instance. Save this key to a file.

The remainder of this guide assumes that the root account password for the DevOps Secrets Safe instance has been set to rootpassword and that the master key has been saved to a file called master.txt.

  1. Unseal DevOps Secrets Safe:
    ssrun unseal -f master.txt

    All CLI commands aside from Initialize and Unseal are unavailable until the instance is unsealed. This command puts the DevOps Secrets Safe application into a state where secrets may be saved and retrieved.

  2. Log in to DevOps Secrets Safe as root:
    ssrun login -u root -p rootpassword
For more information please see the following: