BeyondTrust Mobile Representative Consoles for Android and iPhone


With BeyondTrust's mobile representative consoles, support technicians can provide remote support from virtually anywhere. BeyondTrust's first-to-market functionality enables representatives to support end users remotely from Android smartphones, Android tablets, iPads, and iPhones.

  • Start a remote support session - no pre-installed software or a pre-defined user lists required
  • View and share screens remotely, controlling the end-user's mouse and keyboard
  • Collaborate in-session via chat with end-users, other reps, and even third party providers
  • Simultaneously work on multiple sessions, and invite other reps into a session to collaborate
  • Access and support unattended devices via BeyondTrust's Jump technology
  • Keep session data and recordings secure, always behind your firewall

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Transcript: BeyondTrust Mobile Representative Consoles for Android and iPhone

Today's workforce is increasingly mobile, depending more and more on the latest Smartphones and tablets to get their jobs done from around the world and across time zones. Your support technicians need to be ready anytime, anywhere, and from any device, to deliver the level of outstanding support that they've come to expect.

BeyondTrust's extending the reach of tech support by enabling remote support to nearly any device from the world's most popular mobile devices. We recently introduced the first collaborative representative console for the iPad, so your technicians could offer support without being chained to a desktop or laptop. Now, BeyondTrust's announcing the very first remote support representative consoles for the Android tablet, Android smartphone, and the iPhone.

Providing best-in-class support from literally anywhere has never been easier for tech support organizations. With the BeyondTrust mobile representative consoles, you can start a remote support session from your mobile device; view and share screens remotely with the end user; collaborate via chat with end users, other reps, and trusted third-parties to resolve issues; multi-task by simultaneously working on multiple sessions; access and support unattended devices; save all your session data and recordings securely behind your own company firewall.

With BeyondTrust's mobile representative consoles, you can fully support your end users, anytime, from anywhere, with just your smartphone or tablet. Your support reps will be more productive, and your customers will be happier.

The new BeyondTrust representative consoles for Android tablets and Smartphones and the iPhone are coming January 2012. To learn more about the new BeyondTrust mobile representative consoles, go to