BeyondTrust Intel vPro Support


BeyondTrust announces the ability to enable IT support professionals to remotely troubleshoot and resolve issues below the operating system level by using Intel technology. BeyondTrust users can now access devices powered by Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors to power up or down and reboot PCs, read and update the BIOS, re-image the drive, and more, all from a remote location.

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Transcript: BeyondTrust Intel vPro Support


In today's digital age, there's nothing that stops productivity more than a critical system failure on a desktop, laptop, or similar device. You need a quick and easy way to get below the operating system, diagnose, and ultimately fix the problem.

Fortunately, Intel created the new vPro technology and offers it on the broadest range of desktops and computers to achieve just that.

BeyondTrust Support with vPro Capabilities

Now, with BeyondTrust's new vPro support capability, your support technicians can remotely access and control any vPro-enabled PC to diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve the issue. As the leading remote support solution with Intel vPro capabilities, BeyondTrust will reduce your enterprise support costs related to on-site visits and the return of impacted devices.

Simply access a vPro-enabled machine right from the BeyondTrust representative console, and start a secure remote support session. There's a host of actions you could take within the BeyondTrust session to resolve the issue. Power on or off, view impacted device at the BIOS level, or re-image.

BeyondTrust's appliance-based solution is the most secure choice for remotely supporting vPro-enabled devices.

Lisa Watts, Director, Business Client Solutions Enabling, Intel Architecture Group

Intel is very excited to have BeyondTrust as an Intel partner. Enhanced with Intel vPro technology will enable BeyondTrust's customers to provide PC support in new ways, including remote power control, boot to BIOS, and accessing a PC regardless of operating system state.


BeyondTrust and Intel have partnered to offer your IT service desk the first and only collaborative remote support solution for controlling vPro-enabled devices.

The new BeyondTrust vPro capability will be available January 2012.