SSL Certificate Management, Base 3.3.2 and Later


Applying SSL certificates to your Secure Remote Access Appliances helps to ensure the security of your support sites. View the basics of applying certificates, both self-signed and certificate-authority-signed.

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Transcript: SSL Certificate Management, Base 3.3.2 and Later


Your customers feel more confident in your security when you use SSL certificates to guarantee their interactions with your site are secure. Manage your certificates from the Security page of the /appliance interface.


From the Certificate Installation section, create a self-signed certificate, create a certificate request, or import a signed SSL certificate. While a self-signed certificate is a quick way to secure your site, a signed certificate provides greater trust. Also, a signed certificate may be required for all software clients to make a connection through your site.

In the Certificates section, view a table of SSL certificates available on your appliance. Click a certificate name to edit the IP addresses that use this certificate.

Under Certificate Requests, view all requests waiting to be signed. Click on a request name to access the data required by your certificate authority.

Under Keys, view all private keys that are resident on the appliance. Each key shows its certificate or request associations.


BeyondTrust Corporation recognizes your need for security. Configure your certificates to fully assure your customers.