Upgrade BeyondTrust Hardware

When you upgrade your B Series Appliance from either one physical B Series Appliance to another or between a physical and a RS Virtual Appliance, you must both install the new B Series Appliance and transfer data from the original B Series Appliance.

For full details about SSL certificates and BeyondTrust, please see SSL Certificates and BeyondTrust Remote Support.

  1. Choose the default certificate you wish to serve to clients.
    1. On your new B Series Appliance, go to /appliance > Security > Certificates.
    2. In the Security :: Other Certificates section, locate the entry for your SSL certificate. This usually has an Issued To field containing the fully qualified domain name of your B Series Appliance (e.g., support.example.com).
    3. Confirm there are no warnings listed for the new certificate.

    If there is a warning, please see the knowledge base at www.beyondtrust.com/support.

    1. Once all warnings are resolved, in the Default column, select the radio button for the certificate you wish to make default.
  2. Install the new software package.
    1. On your new B Series Appliance, go to /appliance > Updates.
    2. Either click Check for Updates or use the Appliance Download Key per the on-screen instructions.
    3. Click Install This Update. A EULA will need to be signed prior to installation.
  3. Import your software configuration settings from the old B Series Appliance.
    1. Log in to your new B Series Appliance's /login interface. The first-time login credentials are admin and password.
    2. Go to /login > Management > Software .
    3. In the Restore Settings section, browse to the backup file you downloaded earlier and then click Upload Backup to restore the backup to the new B Series Appliance.

At this point, you can update your DNS server to direct traffic to the IP address of the new B Series Appliance, and you can start testing remote support on your new B Series Appliance. Once you have confirmed that it is functioning properly, you can return the old B Series Appliance, if physical, or delete it, if virtual. To return a physical B Series Appliance, take these steps:

  1. Log in to the /appliance web interface of the old B Series Appliance.
  2. Browse to the Status > Basics page, and click Reset Appliance to Factory Defaults.
  3. Wait for the reset to complete, and then click Shut Down This Appliance.
  4. Package the B Series Appliance for shipping.
  5. Affix the BeyondTrust return shipping label to the outside of the box and contact your shipper for a pickup. If you do not have a label for shipment, contact www.beyondtrust.com/support.