Upgrade a Single Secure Remote Access Appliance Using Automatic Updates

In most cases, BeyondTrust customers can download and install updates with no assistance from BeyondTrust Technical Support. To see if an upgrade is available, log in to your Secure Remote Access Appliance (/appliance). On the Updates page, click on Check for updates.

Updates :: Check

If a software update is available, it will appear under Available Updates. Once you click Install This Update, the appliance will download and automatically install the new version of the BeyondTrust software.


When upgrading to a newly built site software package, verify that all certificate stores are managed appropriately and are up-to-date prior to upgrading to a new BeyondTrust version. Failure to do so may cause a majority of your existing Jump Clients to appear offline.

Updates :: Check

Some packages require another package to be installed first. Install the available package to enable the dependent one.

If automatic updates fail when expected to work, please see the knowledge base at https://www.BeyondTrust.com/support.

If you are still unable to perform automatic updates, please see Upgrade a Single Secure Remote Access Appliance Using Manual Updates.