Enable the BeyondTrust Vault Trial in the /login Interface

Before purchasing BeyondTrust Vault, you can try it for free for 30 days to make sure it is the right fit for your organization. During the trial, you can securely discover, store, manage, and track privileged credentials on your dedicated Secure Remote Access Appliance.

To enable the BeyondTrust Vault trial, follow the steps below.

Screenshot of the Add Ons > Vault section in /login.

  1. Log into the Remote Support administrative /login interface.
  2. Go to Status > Add-Ons > Vault.
  3. Click Start 30 Day Vault Trial. Text appears indicating the exact date and time the trial will expire.

Once you start the trial, the Vault tab becomes available in the top navigation, and you can begin accessing the Vault features.

Screenshot of the /login header highlighting the Vault tab.

Important Notes

  • If your Remote Support instance is already integrated with a password vault or a privileged identity management system, such as BeyondTrust Privileged Identity (formerly RED IM), clicking the Start 30 Day Vault Trial will stop the integration.
  • When the BeyondTrust Vault trial expires, discovery, rotation, and the storing of credentials in a BeyondTrust session are disabled until purchase.
  • Screenshot of the Add-Ons :: Trial section for Vault, showing the End Trial option.

  • If you wish to terminate the BeyondTrust Vault trial, return to the Add-Ons section and click End Trial and Delete Vault. Clicking End Trial and Delete Vault permanently deletes any BeyondTrust Vault configurations from your Secure Remote Access Appliance.

Even after you trial has expired, credentials can still be checked out.

If you wish to learn more about BeyondTrust Vault or to purchase BeyondTrust Vault, go to Status > Add-Ons > Vault and click Contact Sales. Or contact our sales team at https://www.beyondtrust.com/contact.

For more information, please see Add-Ons: Trials .