View and Track BeyondTrust Vault Activity

Reporting is available to track account and representative activity. Specifically, report administrators and users can view and track information about the following:

  • Check in and check out
  • Password rotations and changes

Screenshot of the /login header highlighting Reports > Vault.

To run reports, go to Reports > Vault in the /login interface. The following report parameters are available for selection:

Screenshot of the Vault Reporting section in /login.

  • Date Range: View all events occurring within a specific date range.
  • Account: View all events associated with a specific domain or local account.
  • Representative: View all events involving a specific representative.

Make your selections and click Show Report.

The report will provide the following information:

Screenshot of Vault reporting data.

  • Timestamp: The date and time the event occurred.
  • Account: The account name used with the event.
  • Event Type: The type of event which occurred, such as a check in, check out, or password change.
  • User: The user or representative who triggered the event.

Events are logged in order to generate reports, and these logs are saved for 90 days.

Non-administrative users may experience a more limited /login user experience, depending on the access granted to them by their administrator. For example, a Vault user with limited permissions may potentially see only the Accounts, Vault, and Reports > Vault tabs.

For more information, please see Vault: Report on Vault Account and Rep Activity.