View and Track BeyondTrust Vault Activity in Remote Support

Reporting is available to track account and representative activity. Report administrators and users can view and track information about the following:

  • Account creations and deletions
  • Credential check ins and check outs
  • Personal credential used
  • Password rotations and changes

Run Vault Reports

  1. From the /login interface, go to Reports > Vault. The following report parameters are available for selection:
    • Date Range: View all events within a specific date range.
    • Account: View all events associated with a specific domain or local account.
    • Performed By: View all events involving a specific user, API account, or the system.

Screenshot of the Vault Account Activity Report page in Remote Support /login.

  1. Make your selections, and then click Show Report, or click Download Report if you want to download it to a CSV, XML, or XLSX file. The report provides the following information:
    • Timestamp: The date and time the event occurred.
    • Account: The account name used with the event.
    • Event Type: The type of event which occurred, such as a credentials checked in or checked out, or password rotated.
    • Performed By: The user who triggered the event.
    • Data: Relevant system information message, for example if a password rotation failed, the error message is indicated.


Events are logged in order to generate reports, and these logs are saved for 90 days.

Non-administrative users may experience a more limited /login user experience, depending on the access granted to them by their administrator. For example, a Vault user with limited permissions may potentially see only the Accounts, Vault, and Reports > Vault tabs.

If a user has been anonymized in an effort to follow compliance standards, the Vault Account Activity report may display pseudonyms for user data or may indicate information has been deleted. To learn more about data anonymization and deletion for compliance efforts, please see Compliance: Anonymize Data to Meet Compliance Standards.

For more information, please see Vault: Report on Vault Account and Rep Activity.