Use Credential Injection During Support Sessions

After BeyondTrust Vault has been configured and accounts imported or manually added, the rep console can begin using credentials stored in BeyondTrust Vault to log in to remote systems during support sessions. Credential injection is available for elevating sessions, logging into remote systems, and any other events requiring privileged account information during a support session.

Credential injection is not available for Mac Jump Clients.

Enter Credentials for Credential Injection

  1. While in a support session in the rep console, you can inject credentials by clicking the key icon. A dropdown credential dialog appears, listing the credentials available for selection from BeyondTrust Vault.
  2. Select the appropriate credentials.

The rep console retrieves the selected credentials from BeyondTrust Vault and injects them into the session.


Choose from Favorite Credentials for Injection

After a representative has used a set of credentials to log in to an endpoint, the system stores the user's preferred credentials for the endpoint and the context in which they were used (to login, to perform a special action, to elevate, or to push) in the B Series Appliance database. The next time the user wants to use credentials to access the same endpoint, the credential injection menu makes a recommendation for which credentials to use. The credentials are displayed at the top of the credentials list, followed by any remaining credentials. If no credential history exists for an endpoint, the B Series Appliance simply displays all the possible credentials.

The credential list recommends no more than five credentials.