Prerequisites for the BeyondTrust Remote Support Integration with Zendesk


You must purchase this integration separately from both your Remote Support software and your Zendesk solution. For more information, contact BeyondTrust sales.

To complete this integration, please ensure that you have the necessary software installed and configured as indicated in this guide, accounting for any network considerations.

Applicable Versions

  • BeyondTrust Remote Support: 14.x and newer
  • Zendesk: "New" Zendesk (current platform since 9/12/2012)

Network Considerations

The following network communication channels must be open for the integration to work properly:

Outbound From Inbound To TCP Port # Purpose
BeyondTrust Middleware Engine Server Zendesk Server 443 Zendesk API calls.
BeyondTrust Middleware Engine Server Secure Remote Access Appliance 443 BeyondTrust API calls.
Secure Remote Access Appliance BeyondTrust Middleware Engine Server

8180 (default)

443 (optional)

The BeyondTrust Middleware Engine server receives outbound events from the appliance.

Prerequisite Installation and Configuration

The Zendesk integration is a BeyondTrust Middleware Engine plugin.

For more information on installing and working with the BeyondTrust Middleware Engine, please see the
BeyondTrust Remote Support Middleware Engine Installation and Configuration document