BeyondTrust Remote Support Integration with ServiceNow


You must purchase this integration separately for both your Remote Support software and your ServiceNow solution. For more information, contact BeyondTrust's Sales team.

Service desks and customer support organizations using ServiceNow can integrate with BeyondTrust Remote Support to improve service levels, centralize support processes, and strengthen compliance. Features of the BeyondTrust Remote Support and ServiceNow integration are summarized below.

  • Outbound Support Sessions: Technicians can launch Remote Support sessions from within ServiceNow Incidents, Problem Records, Change Requests, Service Catalog Requests, and Call records, using the Generate Session Key button.
  • Session Updates: Remote Support session data is written back to ServiceNow tickets. The basic integration includes chat transcripts. The enterprise integration includes chat transcripts, file transfers, system information, session notes, customer and representative surveys, session recordings, and more details about each Remote Support session.
  • Customer-Initiated Sessions: Through the ServiceNow Employee Self Service module, customers can initiate chat sessions with Remote Support representatives from within ServiceNow Incident records.
  • Jump Sessions: Technicians can connect directly to remote Configuration Items using Remote Jump, Local Jump, RDP, Shell, and/or vPro technology.