ServiceNow Basic and BeyondTrust Remote Support Integration Use Cases

Service desk and customer support organizations using ServiceNow Basic can integrate with BeyondTrust Remote Support to improve service levels, centralize support processes, and strengthen compliance. Use cases addressed by the Remote Support and ServiceNow Basic integration are listed below.

Generate Session Key

Shows how you can generate a session key from within ServiceNow Basic using the BeyondTrust Remote Support integration

From within an incident, technicians can generate a session key for a customer to initiate a support session.

Once the session ends, a detailed report of the session is imported into ServiceNow Basic and becomes associated with the incident from which the session key was generated.


Import Remote Support Session Chat Transcript into ServiceNow Basic

Shows a chat transcript that has been imported from BeyondTrust Remote Support into ServiceNow Basic

Once the Remote Support session ends, the ServiceNow incident is automatically updated with a chat transcript gathered during the session.