Use Cases for the ServiceNow CSM Integration with BeyondTrust Remote Support

Customer support organizations using ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) can integrate with BeyondTrust Remote Support to improve service levels, centralize support processes, and strengthen compliance. Use cases that are addressed by the BeyondTrust Remote Support and ServiceNow CSM integration are listed below.

Generate Session Key

The ServiceNow interface displaying how to generate a BeyondTrust session key.

Technicians can generate a session key from within a case and give the customer the key to initiate a support session.

The integration provides support for case records.

Once the session ends, basic session data, along with the chat dialogue from the session, are imported into ServiceNow and written to the work notes of the case record from which the session key was generated.

Import Remote Support Session Data into a ServiceNow Record

The ServiceNow interface displaying the Session Detail from a BeyondTrust session.

Once the Remote Support session ends, the associated case record in ServiceNow is automatically updated with information gathered during the session, including:

  • Chat transcript
  • Basic session information

Customer Initiated Chat from Service Portal

ServiceNow Portal Homepage

ServiceNow Portal Incident

Customers can request a support session with a representative from a ServiceNow Service Portal where the Remote Support Get Support Now widget has been added. This includes any context within a case, like the case form, or any context outside the scope of a case, like the CSM homepage.

This functionality allows customers an expedient path to resolution, while also providing the technician with the necessary context to effectively assist the customer.

Sessions initiated using Remote Support's click-to-chat functionality can be elevated to full support sessions if the technician deems it necessary.


Access ServiceNow Records from the Representative Console

Using Remote Support's custom links ability, a representative can access the associated ServiceNow case record directly from within the representative console. This saves time searching for the case record in ServiceNow and provides the representative with any available issue details, history, or other context to help quickly resolve the issue.

Associate Sessions with ServiceNow Records Manually

Window for entering the External Key (the numeric ID of the case record).

Whether a representative has just created a case for the current session or has found that one already exists, even sessions originating outside the scope of a ServiceNow record can be manually associated with the appropriate item, allowing session details to be automatically added to the case when the session ends.

To make this association, the representative enters the numeric ID of the case record into the External Key field while in session.

Technicians can use the human readable record number from ServiceNow to easily make this association.

Automatic or Manual Case Creation

For customers who have applicable processes, the integration can be configured to automatically create a ServiceNow case based on Remote Support sessions, either when the representative joins the session or manually via a Remote Support representative console custom link. This process can simplify workflows and reduce the number of clicks necessary for support representatives.