Create and Configure the SAML Security Provider

Users & Security > Security Providers
Security Providers

Go to /login > Users & Security > Security Providers.

From the dropdown, select the type of server you want to configure. Then click the Create Provider button.

You can configure only one SAML provider.


General Settings


The name for your SAML provider is auto-generated and cannot be edited at this time.

Enabled: This provider is enabled

If checked, your Secure Remote Access Appliance can search this security provider when a user attempts to log in. If unchecked, this provider will not be searched.

Identity Provider Settings


The metadata file contains all the information needed for the initial setup of your SAML provider and must be downloaded from your identity provider. Save the xml file, and then click Choose File to select and upload the selected file.

Entity ID

Unique identifier for the identity provider you are using.

Single Sign-On Service URL

When you want to log into BeyondTrust using SAML, this is the URL where you are automatically redirected so you can log in.

Protocol Binding

Determines whether a user posts or is redirected to the sign on URL. This should be left defaulted to redirect unless otherwise required by the identity provider.


This certificate will be used to verify the signature of the assertion sent from the identity provider.

The fields for Entity ID, Single Sign-On Service URL, and Certificate are automatically populated from the identity provider's metadata file. If you cannot get a metadata file from your provider, this information can be entered manually.

Service Provider Settings


Download the BeyondTrust metadata, which you then need to upload to your identity provider.

Entity ID

This is your BeyondTrust URL. It uniquely identifies the service provider.

Private Key

If necessary, you can decrypt messages sent by the identity provider, if they support and require encryption. Click Choose File to upload the private key necessary to decrypt the messages sent from the identity provider.

User Provision Settings

User Attribute

SAML attributes are used to provision users within BeyondTrust. The default values match BeyondTrust-certified applications with various identity providers. If you are creating your own SAML connector, you may need to modify the attributes to match what is being sent by your identity provider.

Authorization Settings

Group Lookups

This is the SAML attribute that contains the names of groups to which users should belong. The default name for the BeyondTrust applications is "Groups".

If the attribute value contains multiple group names, you need to specify the delimiter used to separate their names. If the delimiter is left blank, then the attribute value may contain multiple XML nodes with each one containing a different name.

Available Groups

Allows a predefined list of groups to be associated with the security provider. This list can then be used to associate a group with the appropriate group policy.

Default Group Policy

Select the default group to which users will be assigned. Users will be assigned settings defined in the default group policy only if they do not belong to another group policy that defines those settings.