Add LDAP Users

After establishing a functional security provider, follow the steps bellow to add LDAP users to the B Series Appliance for authentication.

  1. Go to and log in as an administrator user.

Add Users to Policy

  1. Click Users and Security > Group Policies, select a policy to add users, and click the edit (pencil) icon.


Select Security Provider

  1. Under Available Members, select the LDAP security provider from the drop down menu.


Add Policy Members

  1. Select the User or Group you want to add and click the Add button to move the selection to the Policy Members field.


  1. Click Save when done to save the policy.

Access Console : LDAP User Authenticate

  1. The user should now be permitted to authenticate with the representative console or the Administrative Web interface.


New User in LDAP Account List

  1. Once the user has authenticated, they will appear in the User Accounts list shown below in the Administrative web interface.