Configure Jira Service Management

Install Application

The installation application is provided via a shared install link. Please contact BeyondTrust Technical Support for that link.

Configure Application

Select Apps > Manage apps

  1. Authenticate to your Atlassian environment as an administrator.
  2. Click Apps > Manage apps.


  1. In the left menu, click the BeyondTrust Remote Support app.
  2. Toggle the option to Enable Integration.

General settings

  1. Under General Settings provide the Appliance Hostname, OAuth Client ID, and OAuth Client Secret in the appropriate fields.
  2. Note the Outbound Event URL. This is required for later configuration in BeyondTrust Remote Support.
  3. (Optional). If you wish to have the integration automatically generate issues for Remote Support sessions not associated with an existing issue, check the box to Enable Auto-Create and provide the Project Key and Issue Type you would like it to create. Also, if only certain unassociated sessions should trigger issue creation, a Trigger Value can be supplied and the integration creates an issue only if that value is present in the external key of the session.

If using Trigger Value, see the Session Generation API documentation for more information on initiating sessions with a prepopulated external key.


Auto-Transition Settings

  1. (Optional). If automatic issue state transition based on exit survey results is desired, Enable Auto-Transition, select the desired survey type and provide the issue State, survey Question Name, and Response for which you wish to trigger automatic issue state transition. All auto-transition configuration values are case-insensitive but may not apply to all issue types.
  2. Click Submit to save the configuration.


For more information on how exit surveys can be configured in your Remote Support BeyondTrust Appliance B Series, see Customize the Uninstall Message and Exit Surveys.

Add Permissions

While the app specifies and requests permissions to perform its functions, an additional step is necessary to ensure the requested permissions are granted.

Jira Project Settings

  1. Navigate to Settings > Jira Settings > Projects.
  2. If there is more than one project available, select the appropriate project from the list.
  3. In the left menu, click Project Settings.
  4. Click Permissions.


Edit Permissions

  1. Click to expand the Actions menu in the upper-right corner, and then click Edit permissions.
  2. Click the link to edit the permissions for any of the permissions items.
  3. In the Permission box, remove any permission already there and begin typing to add the following permissions to the box: Browse Projects, Create Issues, Add Comments, Service Project Agent, and Transition Issues.


Grant permission configuration

  1. Check the box for Application access and in the dropdown below, select Jira Core.
  2. Click the Grant button.