Use Cases for the Ivanti Service Manager Integration with BeyondTrust Remote Support


You must purchase this integration separately for both your Remote Support software and your Ivanti Service Manager solution. For more information, contact BeyondTrust sales.

Generate Session Key

Ivanti Incident screenshot with generate session key button

Support staff can generate a session key that can be given to the end user over the phone or via email to initiate a support session that is automatically associated with the selected ticket.


Import BeyondTrust Session Data into Ticket

Ivanti incident screenshot showing list of Beyondtrust sessions

Ivanti incident screenshot showing for a selected BeyondTrust session

Once the session ends, the ticket is automatically updated with information gathered during the session, including:

  • Chat Transcript (including files transferred, special actions, and other events)
  • System Information (the General section plus other select details such as disk, memory, and network)
  • Session Notes
  • Surveys (customer and representative)


Jump to Configuration Item

Ivanti incident Jump to configuration item button

Support staff can leverage BeyondTrust Jump Technology to access a configuration item associated with a ticket directly from the Ivanti ticket. By default, the button attempts to Jump to a pinned Jump Client, but the URL can be modified to perform one of the other Jump types as needed.


Click-to-Chat for Self Service Users

Ivanti incident Click-to-Chat for Self Service Users screenshot

Self Service users can open their submitted tickets and start a chat support session directly from the Ivanti ticket. This allows the user the quickest path to resolution while also providing the representative with the necessary context to assist the user. Sessions can be elevated to full support sessions if enabled and when necessary.


Access Ticket from Representative Console

Using BeyondTrust's custom links ability, a representative can access the associated ticket directly from within the representative console. This saves time searching for the ticket in Ivanti and provides the representative with any available issue details, history, or other context to help quickly resolve the issue.

Manually Associate Sessions with Tickets

Whether a representative has just created a ticket for the current session or has found that one already exists, even sessions originating outside the scope of a Ivanti item can be manually associated with the appropriate item, allowing session details to be automatically added to the ticket when the session ends.

To make this association, the representative enters the numeric ID of the Change, Incident, or Service Request into the External Key field while in session. Because these numeric IDs are not unique across business objects in Ivanti, the representative can indicate the appropriate item type with a -c (Change), -i (Incident), or -s (Service Request) appended to the end of the number. For example, 15302-i would be associated with Incident #15302.

Automatic Ticket Creation

Simplify workflows and reduce the number of clicks necessary for a support representative by automatically creating a ticket from a session.

This feature requires a separate services engagement to implement.