Configure BMC FootPrints 11 for Integration with BeyondTrust Remote Support


You must purchase this integration separately from both your BeyondTrust software and your BMC FootPrints solution. For more information, contact BeyondTrust sales.

Enable Web Services

Administration > System

  1. Log into FootPrints as an admin user.
  2. Click Administration > System.



    Web Services

  3. Under Server Management, click Web Services.
  4. On the Web Services Setup screen, click the radio button next to Enabled.
  5. Enter your password and click Save to enable web services.


Create an API User Account

Admin User Management

  1. Click Administration > System.
  2. Under Users, click User Management.


API User

  1. Fill in all required fields, adding the user to the Service Desk workspace.
  2. For the workspace Role, select System Administrator.
  3. Click Save and enter your password to create the user.
  4. Select the Fixed license type and click Save again.