Start Sessions with an Embedded Support Button

Define custom links within your in-house developed applications to call a pre-installed Support Button. An embedded Support Button gives support providers the ability to streamline the support path for specific applications.

The command line options can leverage the same session initiation methods as configured in the Support Button profile, or they can bypass the user interface altogether. You can configure this embedded Support Button to point to a specific issue so that when a customer clicks the button, a session will immediately start with the team best suited to handle that type of problem. The command also can assign an external key to sessions started from this embedded Support Button.

To create an embedded Support Button, a Support Button must first be deployed on the remote system. You may wish to define the Support Button profile so that neither the desktop shortcut nor the menu shortcut is created. Because a Support Button must be pre-installed, using an embedded Support Button prevents users from having to download the customer client each time they request support. Embedded Support Buttons are a Windows-only feature.

To start an embedded Support Button programmatically, first open the registry editor and locate the Support Button registry entry. Then copy the value data. The registry entry can be found in one of two places:

  • Single User Install: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Bomgar\CallbackButton\<site_name>\cb-install-cmdline
  • All Users Install: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Bomgar\CallbackButton\<site_name>\cb-install-cmdline

After pasting the value data into a text editor or the command prompt, add optional arguments.

Embedded Support Button Command Line Options
--session-value <variable_name> <value> Currently, the only supported variable is session.custom.external_key.
--issue-code-name This selects the issue for the support session. If --issue-code-name is provided without --present-front-end-survey, a session started from this Support Button will start immediately without offering the customer the issue submission form or any additional session start methods.
--present-front-end-survey If provided with --issue-code-name, a session started from this Support Button will take the customer to the issue submission form with the issue pre-selected. The customer will not be given any additional session start methods.

Finally, run the command line.


C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\bomgar-scc-cb\\bomgar-cb-w0dc30ji8hz65yji8hz65yji8hz65yji8hz65yc40ic90.exe --cbdir C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\bomgar-scc-cb\\ --session-value session.custom.external_key "abc123" --issue-code-name install_update --present-front-end-survey

The command line option --cbdir <support_button_install_directory> is required.