Backup API

The backup API is designed to enable you to automatically back up your BeyondTrust software configuration on a recurring basis. The backup file includes all your configuration settings and logged data except for recordings and some large files from the file store. The backup includes only files from the file store less than 200 KB in size and no more than 50 files total. In the event of a hardware failure, having a backup file helps to speed the disaster recovery process.

The backup API is an authenticated API. For instructions on using authenticated APIs using OAuth, see Authenticate to the Remote Support API. The API account used to issue this command must have access to the backup API.

Commands are executed by sending a simple HTTP request to the B Series Appliance. The request can be sent using any HTTPS-capable socket library, scripting language module, or a URL fetcher such as cURL or wget. Either GET or POST may be used as the request method.

The backup API URL is

Query Example