API Change Log

API Version 1.7 for RS 23.3.x

  • Configuration API:
    • Added "Windows Local" and "Domain" accounts and attributes to the Vault Account configuration API (GET).
    • Added an endpoint filter to the Vault Account configuration API (GET).

API Version 1.22.2 for RS 22.3.x

  • Configuration API:
    • Added GET, PATCH, and DELETE APIs for the Protocol Tunnel Jump Item type.
    • Added GET and PATCH APIs to allow administrators to update the available groups for existing SAML Security Provider resources.

API Version 1.22.2 for RS 22.2.x

  • Version update
  • Configuration API:
    • Enhanced Group Policy Configuration APIs (GET, POST, and PATCH) to allow administrators to read and set access permission settings.

API Version 1.22.1 for RS 22.1.x

  • Version update
  • Expanded EndpointLicenseUsage to make it possible to download a ZIP file containing detailed information (English only) on BeyondTrust license usage.

API Version 1.21.1 for RS 21.3.x

  • Version update
  • Expanded the current send_chat_message Command API operation to send a chat message to Team Chats.
  • Added an API that copies the existing Jump Client resource with the given <id>.
  • Added command API: set_rep_status to set the status for representatives logged into the representative console.

API Version 1.19.2 for RS 19.2.x and 20.1.x

API Version 1.19.0 for RS 19.1.x

  • Version update

API Version 1.18.0 for RS 18.2.x

  • Added web_console as a client type.

API Version 1.16.0 for RS 17.1.x

  • Use OAuth 2.0 authentication for the real-time state API and endpoint credential manager connections.
  • When importing a Jump Item several changes have been made:
    • Specify a name for Jump Items.
    • Import VNC Jump Items.
    • Specify a local address for Protocol Tunnel Jump Items.
    • For Web Jump Items, set if the certificate should be verified.
    • API Command: import_jump_shortcut

API Version 1.15.1 for RS 16.2.x

  • Granularly define the accounts used for API access to the specific roles they serve. Additionally, OAuth 2.0 authentication is now used for authenticating API accounts.
  • Specify the timezone offset of a generated session so that the customer client can be downloaded from the nearest traffic node of an Atlas cluster, resulting in faster session start times.

API Version 1.15.0 for RS 16.1.x

API Version 1.13.1 for RS 15.2.x

API Version 1.13.0 for RS 15.1.x

API Version 1.12.0 for RS 14.2.x and 14.3.x

API Version 1.11.0 for RS 14.1.x

Use three new commands to view information about your BeyondTrust Appliance B Series and connected software clients.Download reports of license usage data.Command and reporting APIs return XML that declare a namespace.
  • Reporting API: https://www.beyondtrust.com/namespaces/API/reporting
  • Command API: https://www.beyondtrust.com/namespaces/API/command

The above namespaces are returned XML data and are not functional URLs.

Specify the language to use for the customer client.