Support Process

BeyondTrust’s support process ensures incidents with BeyondTrust products are handled and resolved efficiently and professionally. BeyondTrust Support provides solutions, workarounds, knowledge transfer, and appropriate, timely status updates to BeyondTrust customers. When an incident occurs and requires additional information about BeyondTrust products, information about any BeyondTrust product can be found online at Incidents reported outside of BeyondTrust's normal support hours are considered to be received at the beginning of the next business day. As a general rule, the more specific the details provided, the better chance the BeyondTrust Support representative will be able to provide a resolution quickly. If a support request is open with BeyondTrust and an email correspondence is necessary, the subject of the email should begin with Incident #, followed by the incident number (e.g., Incident# 40100).

When submitting an incident, please include the following information:

  • Inquirer's Name
  • Name of the organization
  • BeyondTrust product version
  • Specific error messages received
  • Steps for reproducing the issue
  • Actions taken prior to the incident
  • Changes made to the BeyondTrust product (such as information about the network environment and workstation involved with the issue)
  • Length of time the issue has persisted
  • Operating system (if software-related)
  • Assigned server roles (if server-related)
  • Log files
  • Screen shots

When an incident or request is submitted, it is logged and is given an incident number and a severity rating. The content of the incident initially supplied is used to identify the incident severity level. Severity levels range from Severity Level 1 (critical) to Severity Level 3 (low priority). In collaboration with the customer, BeyondTrust Support makes a reasonable determination of the severity level for the incident and responds accordingly. The severity level may also be adjusted as the incident progresses towards a resolution.

Severity Level Basic Description Reporting and Response Roles and Responsibilities
Severity Level 1

Production system down and inoperable.

The issue cannot be solved by a restart, a bypass, or a workaround.

Incident must be documented via email and followed up by telephone call.

Maximum target time for First Response (start of resolution) is 30 minutes.

Maximum target time for Customer Response Time is 30 minutes.

Both parties will make all commercially reasonable attempts to focus support resources on Severity Level 1 issues.
Severity Level 2

Production system is operational but impacted due to issue with documented product functionality.

Workaround exists for core product functionality.

Incident must be reported via email to document the issue and may be followed up by telephone.

Maximum target time for First Response (start of resolution) is 24 hours.

Maximum target time for Customer Response Time is 24 hours.

Both parties will make all commercially reasonable attempts to focus support resources on Severity Level 2 issues during BeyondTrust Support’s normal support hours.
Severity Level 3

Cosmetic impairment. Limited impact to use of system.

No immediate resolution required.

Request for enhancements.

Request for general information.

Incident must be reported via email.

Maximum target time for First Response (start of resolution) is 24 hours.

Solutions provided for cosmetic, enhancements, or other incidents are possibly implemented in future versions, depending on the product road map.

Response times are based on normal business hours, unless otherwise noted. First Response is the time frame, within normal business hours, that BeyondTrust Support is able to respond to the reported incident. Valid responses include but are not limited to providing a solution or a work-around. Customer Response is the time frame in which a customer should respond to BeyondTrust Support after a request for additional information has been made. Failure to Respond within the Customer Response Time results in a lower priority level being placed on the issue.

BeyondTrust Support verifies that a current maintenance agreement with BeyondTrust is in effect and that they are speaking with a valid company representative. If either of these cannot be validated, BeyondTrust Support is unable to provide any further support. If multiple items are submitted at one time, individual incidents may be opened for each item. BeyondTrust recommends reporting all Severity Level 1 incidents initially with a detailed email to followed by a telephone call.

Responses to incidents occur within the response times designated for the incident’s severity level. Responses received may include any of the following:

  • The information requested or an immediate resolution
  • Indication that the incident is a known issue
  • Request for additional information
  • Explanation of a feature or design decision
  • Links to a published technical document
  • Software patch or upgrade with instructions
  • Resolution options
  • Confirmation that the feature request was logged with Product Management

If BeyondTrust Support indicates the problem is a known issue, explanation of when a product fix will be available along with any available workarounds is provided. Common examples of additional information BeyondTrust Support requests include:

  • Details about the problematic behavior or environment
  • Specific tests to isolate the issue or instructions for generating detailed logs

If no further information or action is necessary, BeyondTrust Support sets the incident status to Resolved Pending Confirmation. At this point, the incident closes automatically in a few days. A notification is sent prior to closing. If further action and/or information is necessary to resolve the incident, BeyondTrust Support sets the status to Customer Information Requested or Software Change Required. These incidents also auto-close if no response is received, but a notification is sent by email prior to closure.

Once an incident has been closed, it can be re-opened whenever necessary, or a new incident can be opened. BeyondTrust does not bill on a per-incident basis. When your incident requires a more in-depth technical resource, it escalates to a Product Support Engineer. As necessary, the Product Support Engineer works with additional resources to bring the incident to a timely resolution. At any point in the support process, a request can be made to speak to a support supervisor or support manager. BeyondTrust Support is very interested in receiving feedback from our customers about any support process. At any time, an email can be sent to with comments and suggestions. BeyondTrust Support may additionally provide survey opportunities on a per-incident or per-support session basis.