Release Versions

BeyondTrust Engineering is constantly working to enhance its products by making improvements to the existing feature set, as well as adding new ones. BeyondTrust's goal is to provide the best products to our customers. To achieve this goal, BeyondTrust continues to add new features and to release new versions of products. As BeyondTrust provides newer versions, older versions are retired according to a planned schedule. New B Series Appliances are delivered with the latest version available at the time of purchase. BeyondTrust uses the combined values of X and Y numerals in X.Y to denote a major version (e.g. 15.2). A maintenance version is denoted by Z in X.Y.Z (15.2.2). Maintenance versions are subsumed under their corresponding major versions for the purposes of support.

BeyondTrust provides support for any major product versions for a minimum of two years from the generally available (GA) release date. During the two-year life cycle, there may be several maintenance versions associated with the active major version. A GA release and all associated maintenance releases are retired after two years. There may be occasions that dictate BeyondTrust choosing a later date for retirement, but this is an exception. Retired versions may be upgraded to the latest version but are no longer supported unless specifically noted.

BeyondTrust Cloud customers have the ability to install released BeyondTrust software updates when they are made available. During the BeyondTrust Cloud installation process, the administrator elects to participate in one of two update schedules. These automated upgrade schedules apply when an available BeyondTrust software release has not been applied manually before the scheduled time.

  • Level 1: If no explicit choice was made, the default option is for a BeyondTrust Cloud Appliance to be updated two weeks after any BeyondTrust Software version is released.
  • Level 2: If this option was selected, the BeyondTrust Software is updated five months after each major BeyondTrust Software version is released.

With either option, authorized contacts are notified no less than one week before a scheduled upgrade is to take place.

Any critical security update is applied immediately to all BeyondTrust Cloud customers regardless of the level chosen above. A security update must be deemed critical by the BeyondTrust Security team before being approved for deployment in this manner.