Use Jump Items to Support Remote Systems in the Web Rep Console

Jump Items



BeyondTrust Jump Technology enables privileged users to connect to an unattended remote system to start a session without end-user assistance.

Jump Items can be installed from the Jump Clients page of the /login interface or from the native representative console.

Your account settings determine what Jump Item permissions you have, including which Jump Groups you can access and which types of Jump Items you are allowed to use.

Jump Items are listed in Jump Groups. If you are assigned to one or more Jump Groups, you can access the Jump Items in those groups, with the permissions assigned by your admin.

Your personal list of Jump Items is primarily for your individual use, although your team leads, team managers, and users with permission to see all Jump Items may have access to your personal list of Jump Items. Similarly, if you are a team manager or lead with appropriate permissions, you may see team members' personal lists of Jump Items. Additionally, you may have permission to access Jump Items in Jump Groups you do not belong to and personal Jump Items for non-team members.

To view details about a Jump Item, click the plus sign beside the Jump Item's name. To start a session with a Jump Item, click the Jump button at the right of the Jump Item entry.

The Frequently Used Jump Items list displays all of the Jump Items that you access on a regular basis. To start a session with a frequently accessed system, hover your mouse over the item and click Start Session.

The Jump Items list can only display a maximum of 50 Jump Items.

If you need to access Jump Items when no user is available, make sure the session permissions are set either to disable prompting or to default to Allow for unattended sessions.

Jump Policy Alert

If a Jump Policy enforces a schedule for this Jump Item, an attempt to access the Jump Item outside of its permitted schedule prevents the Jump. A prompt informs you of the policy restrictions and provides the date and time when this Jump Item is next available for access.

If you have permission to modify Jump Policies, the prompt gives you the option to override the schedule and start a session anyway.