Add a Support Button to the Remote Computer from the iOS Rep Console

Session Actions - iPhone Add BeyondTrust Button - iPhone

While in a session, you can deploy a Support Button to the remote computer, providing a quick method for your customer to request support.

To begin, tap the Deploy Support Button icon. On an iPhone, access this button by tapping the Menu button first.

To edit the description, tap the Description entry and modify the text.




Select BeyondTrust Button Profile

Tap the Profile entry to open a list of Support Button profiles from which you can select.


Select BeyondTrust Button Queue

Next, tap Queue to select the queue to which this Support Button should link. Once the Support Button is deployed, your customer can use it to directly enter the queue specified here.


Set BeyondTrust Button Expiration

To set how long this Support Button should last, tap Expiration. The customer can use this button to start sessions only as long as specified. This time does NOT affect how long the installer remains active or how long a session can last.


Add BeyondTrust Button

After you have set the details for this Support Button, tap Add. This creates a Support Button on the remote user's system. Your customer can now use the Support Button to quickly request support.


Session Actions - iPhone Remove BeyondTrust Button

You also may delete the Support Button from the remote system. Tap the Remove Support Button icon. When prompted to confirm that you want to uninstall the Support Button, tap Yes.