Representative Console User Interface

Rep console with each area labelled.

Sessions: Manage multiple remote sessions at the same time.

Session tabs can be moved and reordered to help you organize and prioritize your workload. Simply click and drag a session tab to a new position. Session tabs can also be detached from the main representative console window.

Quick Start Buttons: Easily access frequently needed tools. Quick start buttons can be turned on or off from File > Settings.

  • Start: Open a dialog for a quick-reference guide to starting a session.
  • Session Key: Begin sessions with randomly generated, one-time use session keys.
  • Support Buttons: View details and usage statistics of deployed Support Buttons.
  • Present: Share your screen with one or more remote attendees. Start a presentation immediately or schedule a presentation for a later time.
  • Jump To: Jump to a computer on a remote network via Jumpoint or on your local network. BeyondTrust’s Jump Technology enables privileged representatives to connect to an unattended remote computer to start a session without end-user assistance.
  • RDP: Start a Remote Desktop Protocol session with a remote Windows system.
  • VNC: Start a VNC session with a remote Windows system.
  • Shell Jump: Quickly connect to SSH-enabled and Telnet-enabled network devices through a deployed Jumpoint.
  • Intel® vPro: Using Intel®Active Management Technology, support fully provisioned Intel®vPro Windows systems below the OS level.

Queues: Queues list customers who are waiting for support or who are in a session. Details about the remote system being supported appear in this section.

Dashboard: Privileged users can view and monitor ongoing sessions and teammates of a lower role, providing administrative oversight to help manage staff. Status indicators show whether representatives are available, are idle, are busy, or have auto-assign turned off. A bar at the bottom of the dashboard shows the percentage of representatives in each state.

Access Requests: If a representative is a sponsor in one or more Access Sponsor groups, they see an Access Requests tab in the representative console. When a representative makes a request, all sponsors in the selected access sponsor group see a new request in the Access Requests tab of the representative console.

Jump Item Interface: Installed Jump Clients and Jump shortcuts appear here, grouped according to who can access them. You can filter the list of Jump Items and search within specific fields.

Representative Status: If you have opted out of automatic session assignment, you can set your status from this dropdown. Your team managers see your status on their dashboard. If your administrator has configured custom statuses, you may select any of these here if you want your status to display as something other than a default status of Available, Busy, or Away.

Chat: Chat with other logged in users. You also can share your screen with a team member without requiring a session.