Chat with Other Representatives

Representative Chat

From the Home tab of the console, you can chat with other logged-in users. If you are a member of one or more teams, select whichever team you would like to chat with from the list of queues at the left of the Home tab. You can chat with all members of that team or chat with just one user.

When you go back to your personal queue or select All Queues, you will remain in the chat for the queue you just left.

Click the arrow icon at the top left of the sidebar to collapse the sliding sidebar. If the sidebar is collapsed, hover over the arrow by the hidden window to reveal it. Click the pin icon that replaces the arrow icon at the top left of the sidebar to re-pin the sliding sidebar.

When typing in English, misspelled words are underlined in red. Right-click to view spelling suggestions or to ignore that spelling for the current console login.

In the settings, you can choose if the team chat should include status messages, such as users logging in and out, or only chats sent between team members.