Configure Mobile Device Management for Android

BeyondTrust supports management of Android devices with mobile device management (MDM). The MDM configuration profile may be configured so that the URL of a support site is pre-populated in the Site Address field. The profile may also be configured to prevent this field from being edited.

The method by which you configure your profile will vary depending on your MDM product. Consult your MDM documentation for exact steps.

Below are the configurable keys that for the Android Customer Client and Android Jump Client you will need to add to your MDM payload:

Android Customer Client

Key Type/Description
ApplianceURL String: The BeyondTrust support site address. For example,
URLLocked Boolean: If true, then editing the site address within the customer client is disabled.

Android Jump Client

Key Type/Description

String: The API name of the company or organization.

The API name can be found in the Site Status section at /login/status.

Android MDM Company API Name


Key Type/Description

String: The ID of your Android Jump Client configuration.

The Mass Deployment Key value can be found when deploying a Jump Client via /login and selecting the Android platform. The value appears in the MDM section.

Android MDM Mass Deployment Key