Install and Use the BeyondTrust Display Driver

BeyondTrust strives to provide fast, reliable screen sharing. In most scenarios, screen updates occur almost instantaneously. However, in situations where system CPU usage is high due to video driver performance, downloading BeyondTrust's display driver on the target system can greatly improve screen sharing speed.


Display Driver

From the /login administrative interface, go to the My Account page and scroll down to the BeyondTrust Display Driver section. Download the display driver MSI.


Representative Console Installer - Display Driver

On the representative's system, the display driver may also be installed during initial setup of the representative console.

The display driver must be installed on the computer whose screen is to be viewed, either the remote computer for a support session or the representative's computer for a presentation. Installation on the remote machine can be done either before or during a support session. From within a session, use File Transfer to copy the installer to the remote computer. Then either walk the remote user through the installation process or complete the installation via screen sharing.


Device Manager > Mirage Driver

Run bgdspdrv.msi. When prompted to allow installation, click Yes.

After installation, a new display, BeyondTrust Display Driver, appears in the Device Manager under Display adapters. Once installed, the display driver stays resident on the computer.

The display driver works only on Windows XP through Windows 7 and Server 2003 through Server 2008 R2. On 64-bit platforms, the computer must be rebooted for the driver to take effect.



Screen Sharing with Mirror Driver

When a session is started with a computer which has an installed BeyondTrust display driver, the BeyondTrust customer client automatically detects that driver. When screen sharing begins, a green line at the top of the screen image is visible in the representative console, indicating that the customer client was able to detect and hook into the BeyondTrust display driver for screen sharing. Although automatic detection and hooking takes place when presenting, no line is visible in the presentation client.

If the BeyondTrust display driver has been installed on the remote computer but the green line does not appear in the representative console, reboot the remote computer and start screen sharing again.

When screen sharing with a remote system which has multiple monitors, the display driver will work when viewing any one monitor. However, if you select to view all monitors at once, the display driver will not be used.

UAC Prompt Visible with Mirror Driver

When using the BeyondTrust display driver in a session with limited privileges and if User Account Control/Secure Desktop is enabled, UAC prompts are visible but not controllable.


Unable to Grab the Remote Screen Image

This behavior is different from when the display driver is not in use, in which case a UAC prompt which is awaiting user interaction results in an "Unable to grab the remote screen image" message within the representative console.