Virtual Machine Console Administration

You can follow the instructions below to configure your RS Virtual Appliance, or you can follow the steps outlined in Configure the BeyondTrust RS Virtual Appliance

VM Interface

  1. After you have finished deploying your RS Virtual Appliance, you can launch the virtual machine console to access some administrative functions.
  2. The first screen of the virtual machine console lists the hostnames and IP addresses for this RS Virtual Appliance. To make basic configuration changes from this window, press Enter.


VM Admin Login

  1. From the menu, make a selection. You can log in to make configuration changes. You also can enter support codes to allow an appliance-initiated support tunnel back to BeyondTrust Technical Support to enable quick resolution of complex issues
  2. Log in for more options. You can configure networking, allow an advanced support tunnel, shut down or reboot the RS Virtual Appliance, or reset the /appliance password or a site's administrative password.


VM Networking Interface

  1. Select Networking to manage the hostname, IP addresses, the default gateway, and DNS servers.
  2. Select a network interface to manage its speed or duplex communication. You also can add or edit IP addresses.