Deploy the BeyondTrust SRA Virtual Appliance into a Nutanix AHV Environment

Administrators can deploy and configure the BeyondTrust SRA Virtual Appliance into their Nutanix AHV environment by following the steps below.

The resource specifications in this document represent recommendations. For troubleshooting purposes, BeyondTrust Technical Support may require your BeyondTrust SRA Virtual Appliance to be given reserved resources matching those listed here.


You must have a Nutanix AHV account and a Nutanix environment configured prior to these steps.

  Nutanix Email

  1. Open the email you received from BeyondTrust Technical Support, and click the Click Here for your BeyondTrust Virtual Appliance (Nutanix AHV) link to download the file. Save the file to an appropriate location to be uploaded to your Nutanix environment.
  2. Log in to Nutanix AHV.


The Nutanix screen viewing, adding, and importing images for the image repository

  1. Go to Menu > Virtual Infrastructure > Images and click Add Image to upload the BeyondTrust.qcow2 file to the image repository.


The Nutanix screen for adding images.

  1. Click Next.


The nutanix screen for selecting image location.

  1. Select the location for the image in your Nutanix cluster.
  2. Click Save.
  3. Go to Home > VM and select + Create VM.


The Nutanix Create VM screen, for specifying CPU and memory configuration.

  1. In the Create VM dialog, select the desired CPU and Memory configuration for this Appliance.
  2. Click Next.


The Nutanix Create VM screen, for specifying the disk.

  1. Click Attach Disk.


The Nutanix Create VM screen, for adding the disk.

  1. Change Operation to Clone from Image Source and select the previously uploaded BeyondTrust image.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Click Attach Disk.


The Nutanix Create VM screen, for attaching the disk.

  1. Create a disk of at least 100GiB (refer to sizing information below for what sizes are needed).
  2. Click Add.
  3. Click the X next to the CD-ROM disk.


The Nutanix Create VM screen, for setting the boot configuration.

  1. Select UEFI under Boot Configuration.
  2. Click the Attach to Subnet text button.
  3. Select the desired network in the dropdown.
  4. Click Add.


Nutanix Change Boot Configuraiton confirmation message.

  1. Select UEFI Mode and click Confirm on pop-up.
  2. Click Save.
  3. Nutanix AHV begins deploying the BeyondTrust Appliance.
  4. Wait for the appliance to deploy, then select the BeyondTrust Appliance and click Power On.


License and Sizing

Size CPU Memory Disk 1 Disk 2
Up to 20 users and/or 1,000 Jump Clients and one session per user.
2 4GB 100GB n/a
Up to 300 users and/or 10,000 Jump Clients and one session per user.
3 8GB 500GB n/a
Up to 1,200 users and/or 125,000 Jump Clients and one session per user; requires additional license purchase.
8 16GB 100GB 1000GB
If you anticipate having more than 20 concurrent users, please contact BeyondTrust Technical Support at to ensure that the resources allocated meet your needs.

BeyondTrust supports up to 150 Active Jump Clients per license.

The amount of data recorded for any given session can vary. As a result, it is impossible to define how much storage space is needed to save data for a certain number of days. If your business must abide by data retention guidelines, we recommend either estimating the amount of space needed based on observation of your own data stores, or using the BeyondTrust API or Integration Client to extract session data to an external store.