Configure the SRA Virtual Appliance

RS Virtual Appliance Login

  1. From the /appliance interface of your BeyondTrust SRA Virtual Appliance, log in using admin as the username and password as the default password. You are prompted to change your password the first time you log in.


Networking > IP Configuration
NIC Configuration

  1. Next, go to Networking > IP Configuration.
  2. Under the NIC Configuration section, click Add New IP.


IP :: Add

  1. Enter the static IP address and subnet mask for your appliance. You can decide if this IP addresses session traffic, web traffic, or both. Then click Save Changes.


Global Network Configuration

  1. Under the Global Network Configuration section, set your default gateway. Configuring DNS servers is not required but we highly recommend it. After entering the required information, click Save Changes.

Valid DNS settings are required for failover and automatic updates to function properly. To help determine the appropriate IP and DNS configuration for your network, see The B Series Appliance in the Network.


    Status > Health

  1. Wait for the format to complete, and then go to Status > Health to verify that the needs of the SRA Virtual Appliance are being met.


Screenshot of security options, with Let's Encrypt selected.

  1. Go to Security.
  2. Configure an SSL certificate, using one of the following four options. Follow the link for instructions for each option.


For more information, please see View Remote Support RS Virtual Appliance Health .


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