Secure Remote Access Appliance Installation

For installation instructions, please refer to the flyout instructions included with your Secure Remote Access Appliance, or review the Poweredge User's Guide.

Power On the Secure Remote Access Appliance

External Setup

  1. Plug the power cables for the Secure Remote Access Appliance into a safe power source. Depending on the type of appliance, you may have two power cables. The appliance’s power supplies will automatically switch between 120v and 240v, as needed.
  2. Using one of the patch cables provided, connect your computer to NIC1 or NIC2 on the rear of the Secure Remote Access Appliance. You can use either crossover or straight-through cables. If using DHCP, plug the provided straight-through cable into the network directly, and the appliance automatically receives a new IP address.

    BeyondTrust supports placing both NICs on the same network for the purpose of NIC Teaming. Likewise, NICs can be placed on separate network subnets for segmented traffic routing. However, if placing NICs on the same network for the purpose of NIC Teaming, configure only one of the NICs. If both NICs have IP addresses from the same subnet, unexpected behavior will result. When multiple IP addresses are required for a single subnet, the proper solution is to assign all the IP address to one NIC.

  3. Press and release the power button on the front of the appliance. The power LED immediately to the right of the reset button will illuminate, and the HDD activity LED (immediately to the right of the power LED) will begin to flash. Initialization of the Secure Remote Access Appliance will complete in about 60 seconds.

    The NIC1 and NIC2 LEDs may illuminate and show activity even when the appliance is not powered on; therefore, it is important to check the power and HDD LEDs to confirm that the appliance is on.