Check for Updates to Install BeyondTrust SRA Software

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Updates :: Check

BeyondTrust Appliance B Series updates are installed from the /appliance web interface on the Updates page. Each update must be built by BeyondTrust and is keyed to the serial number of the B Series Appliance for which it was built. For this reason, the B Series Appliance must be registered in order to check for updates.

  1. Once BeyondTrust has built an update for your B Series Appliance, you will receive a notification email. Go to /appliance > Updates. Retrieve the update using either Updates :: Check > Check for Updates or Updates :: Manual Installation > Appliance Download Key.

The Check for Updates option can be used only if the B Series Appliance has outbound access over TCP port 443 to Manual installation does not require this connection.

  1. Once the check is complete, all available updates matching the serial number of your B Series Appliance will be listed in the /appliance web interface. There are two types of updates:
    • Updates for /login licensing (always shown in the format of BeyondTrust-x.x.x)
    • Updates for /appliance Base Software (always shown in the format of Base Software x.x.x)

    Updates :: Check

    If no update packages or patches are available for your B Series Appliance, a message stating "No updates available" is displayed. If an update is available but an error occurred when distributing the update to your B Series Appliance, an additional message is displayed, such as, "An error occurred building your update. Please visit for more information."

    Base Software includes features and fixes for /appliance as well as the prerequisite code required before installing license updates. Therefore, new licensing updates typically require you to install the prerequisite Base Software Update first. In this case, BeyondTrust's update interface will make note of the correct order in which to install updates. If you are still unsure, take a screenshot of your available updates and send the screenshot to BeyondTrust Technical Support for assistance.


As a reminder, you must send BeyondTrust Technical Support the following items before Support can build your Base Software and/or software licensing updates:

  1. DNS hostname (fully qualified domain name) of the B Series Appliance
  2. SSL root certificate or self-signed SSL certificate
  3. Screenshot of the /appliance > Status > Basics page
  1. Once you have sent BeyondTrust Technical Support your hostname, SSL certificate, and screenshot, they will build the necessary updates and send you detailed installation instructions.
  2. When installation is complete, the B Series Appliance is ready to be used for privileged access. To validate your B Series Appliance's readiness, log into the /login interface by going to your B Series Appliance's URL followed by /login (e.g.,

    Default Username: admin

    Default Password: password

  3. Upon initial login, you will be prompted to change your password.
  4. Once the initial login is complete, you can validate your software licensing configuration on the Status > Information page, add user accounts on Users & Security > Users, and download client software from My Account. Because BeyondTrust Secure Remote Access is licensed by number of endpoints allowed, you can set up as many accounts as you need, each with unique usernames and passwords.

For security purposes, the administrative username and password used for the /appliance interface are distinct from those used for the /login interface and must be managed separately. Usernames and passwords for /login are valid for both the /login interface (where users and configuration are managed) and for consoles (where sessions are run). The options available in both of these locations are dependent upon the permissions assigned by the /login administrator to each user's account.

For help getting started with the BeyondTrust client software, see the documentation located at B Series Appliance Guides and Secure Remote Access Administrator Guides explain the various administrative options of your /appliance and /login web interfaces, and Access User Guides show you how to use the BeyondTrust client software.