Validation of BeyondTrust Remote Support (Cloud)

To ensure the security and value of our product, BeyondTrust incorporates vulnerability scanning in our software testing process. We track the results of vulnerability scans performed prior to a software release and prioritize resolution based on severity and criticality of any issues uncovered. Should a critical or high-risk vulnerability surface after a software release, a subsequent maintenance release addresses the vulnerability. Updated maintenance versions are distributed to our customers via the update manager interface within the BeyondTrust administrative interface. When necessary, BeyondTrust Support contacts customers directly, describing special procedures to follow to obtain an updated maintenance version. Additionally, BeyondTrust Cloud instances may be automatically updated based on the update interval chosen by the customer at the time of purchase.

In addition to internal scanning procedures, BeyondTrust contracts with third-parties for a source code level review as well as penetration testing. The source code review conducted essentially provides validation from a third party that coding best practices are followed and that proper controls are in place to protect against known vulnerabilities. A penetration test is conducted to confirm the findings.