Initiate a Remote Support Session from a Chrome OS Device

Before requesting support on a Chrome device, the BeyondTrustRemote Support Chrome extension must be installed.

For more information on how to install and enable the BeyondTrust Remote Support Chrome extension, please see the knowledge base at

A company support portal with many support initation methods, including browser session, click-to-chat session, start an API session, important messages, representatives, session key, and issue submission.

To initiate a support session from a Chrome device, users must go to their company support portal and start a session.

Representative Name, Session Key, and Issue Submission are the only supported session initiation methods for Chrome OS users.


Chat dialog appearing for the customer from the support portal.

Once clicked, a chat prompt appears, allowing the user to chat with their representative.


Prompt allowing the customer to choose whether to share their entire screen or just the application window.

During the session, the representative may prompt the user to share their screen. When prompted, the user receives a notification stating, BeyondTrust wants to share the contents of your screen with The user can choose to share their entire screen or just the application's window. The user must choose an option and click Share.


Representative viewing the rep console while screen sharing with a Chrome OS user, which is displaying the Customer Client chat and support portal

The representative is then able to see the user's screen.

To initiate a support session from a Chrome device, click-to-chat must be enabled for the support portal.

Chrome OS support with BeyondTrust Remote Support is "view only." During screen sharing, representatives cannot take control of the device or perform any actions on the device.