Set Security Levels for Accessing iOS Configuration Profiles

iOS Administrative User Permissions

Two iOS permissions exist for user accounts. In the /login administrative interface, go to Users & Security > Users and/or Group Policies. The second permission also applies to embassies.

User accounts edit iOS

  • Allowed to Edit iOS Profiles enables the user to add, delete, or modify iOS profiles in the administrative interface. Modifications might include renaming a profile, revising its description, or switching its access level from public to private or from private to public.
  • Allowed to generate access keys for sending iOS profiles enables the user to generate access keys from within the representative console. An iOS customer must submit a valid access key on the public site to download a private configuration profile.

Public Site Security

Force Public Site to Use SSL

To ensure that configuration profiles are downloaded to iOS devices over an encrypted HTTPS connection, go to the Management > Security page of the /login administrative interface and check Force Public Site to Use SSL. Otherwise, configuration profile downloads will occur over unencrypted HTTP connections.