iOS Configuration Profiles

Apple iOS configuration profiles are XML files that quickly load settings and authorization information onto an iOS device. Configuration profiles might contain security policies, Wi-Fi settings, VPN configuration information, authentication credentials, Exchange account settings, email and calendar accounts, or certificates that permit iOS devices to work with a variety of systems.

Add an Apple iOS Configuration Profile

Using Apple Configurator, available at, set up and export a configuration profile.

Apple iOS Configuration Profiles

To make this profile available to your iOS device users, sign into the /login administrative interface of your BeyondTrust site and go to Public Portals > Apple iOS.


Add New Apple iOS Profile

Click Add to add a public or private iOS configuration profile to this site.


Edit iOS Configuration Profile

Upload the Apple iOS profile, and enter a name and description that will help customers select the correct profile when browsing your support portal.

To make this configuration profile available to any iOS user who access your public site, check Public. Leaving this option unchecked restricts access to this profile; a representative must generate an access key and provide it to the customer before the customer can view and download a private profile.

Click Save to save this configuration profile and its settings.