Generate Apple iOS Profile Access Keys

Extended Availability Support Menu Toggle

While an iOS device user may browse to public profiles on your BeyondTrust site, they must submit an access key to download private profiles. To direct a customer to a specific iOS configuration profile - public or private - log into the representative console, open the Support menu, and select Generate Apple iOS Profile Access Key.1If the Generate Apple iOS Profile Access Key option is not available, verify that your account permissions allow access key generation and that the iOS configuration profiles page is enabled for at least one public site.


Apple iOS Profile Selection Interface

In the Apple iOS Profile Selection interface, select one or more configuration profiles and then click Generate Access Key.


iOS Access Key Generated

Set how long the generated access key may be used to access private profiles. From the Public Portal dropdown, select which site to use. You may provide your customer with the access key to submit on your public site, or you may send your customer to the direct URL. Click Send to iOS Device to send an invitation message to your customer via SMS or email.