File Transfer to and from the iOS Device

The iOS customer client includes a built-in file system which the representative can access from the File Transfer tab of the representative console. The representative can upload files to the remote device or download files that already exist in the customer client file system.

Transfer Files to iOS Device

iOS Customer Client Files Section

The customer can view the file list from the Files tab of the customer client. The customer must select the tab, as it is not possible for the representative to switch between tabs within the iOS customer client app.

To view a file, the customer can tap a filename.


If the customer wishes to view these files independently from a support session, they can open the customer client app and tap the View Files section.


iOS Customer Client File Delete Option


Swiping a filename reveals the Delete button; the customer can tap Delete to remove the file from the customer client file system.


iCloud Drive Files

The customer can also share files with the representative from the iCloud Drive or any other document storage provider available on their mobile device.

By tapping on the cloud icon in the top right corner, the customer can access files from the drive and tap on any filename to upload it to the Files section.

If the customer wishes to access other providers, such as Dropbox or OneDrive, they can tap on the Locations option in the top left corner of the iCloud Drive and receive a full list of all available providers.


iOS Customer Client Document Providers

By tapping on a provider's name, the customer can view all of the files that are being stored by that provider and can tap on any file to upload it to the Files section.