View the Android Device System Information

Privileged users may view a complete snapshot of the remote device's or computer's system information to reduce the time needed to diagnose and resolve the issue. The system information available varies depending on the remote operating system and configuration. Representatives with appropriate permissions may also kill processes and uninstall apps.

Access Remote System Info

Because the large amount of data that can be pulled may result in slow transmission times, you can choose to start your view with only the Overview tab or to pull data for all tabs. If you choose to start with Overview Only, you can gather data from the other tabs by going to the section you need to view and clicking the Refresh button at the top of that section.

Android System Info :: Services

System Information Tools

Stop Accessing System Info

Stop pulling information about the remote system. Stopping will leave the last updated information available to view but will not pull current data.

Refresh System Info

Refresh your view of system information or pull information for tabs to which you did not initially request access. Refresh can take place for individual sections or for all sections of the selected tab.

Access System Info

Auto-refresh a category of system information.

Copy System Info

Copy the information to your clipboard. Copy individual sections or all sections of the selected tab.

Save System Info to Text File

Save a text file of the system information to your local computer. You can save individual sections or all sections of the selected tab.

End Process

End a running process on the remote system.

Uninstall Program

Uninstall an app on the remote system.